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Hidden Roku channels, the hidden gems

It’s time to stay away from your day to day job routine for a while and spend your free time streaming. Select the best private channel you like and add it to your streaming device account. These channels are also known as noncertified channels and most of the entertainment lovers go for it. Watching the latest and interesting private programs is always best to explore the world of entertainment to the best. Easy to activate hidden Roku channels if you understand the channel activation steps.

Here we provide you some information about popular hidden Roku channels and steps to add or activate it on your streaming device

Why these channels are known as hidden channels?

Private channels are known as hidden channels as these channels are not listed under the Roku channel store and with limited audiences for the channel and this may be one of the reasons why the channel appears to be hidden.

Roku hidden channels

  • Some channels offer a free trial period of around 7 days and you can make use of it before activation
  • For movie, sports, news and entertainment viewers it’s the right time to find the best private channel
  • Here we have the list of Hidden Roku channels or private channels and you will never end up feeling bored streaming

Get the hidden gems and do not miss the best opportunity to explore the world of entertainment

roku hidden channels

Hidden Channels and its Access Code

Other interesting channels on the list

  1. Film On – It’s interesting to watch live programs that belong to different categories such as sports, Music, News TV and a lot more
  2. Snag Films – Add the channel to your account to access top Movies, TV episodes, documentaries and a lot more
  3. Disney – Best channel to entertain your kids and telecast contents from popular networks, Disney XD and Disney junior
  4. Ted Talks – Ted Talks Channel is always the best if you would like to watch educative programs on different topics
  5. Flashback 80s – Belongs to the category Music and if you love music stream the entertaining music videos from Flashback 80s
  6. Film Rise Western – Offers access to top movies on demand
  7. My Outdoor TV – It’s interesting to watch the best fishing, hunting and adventure programs
  1. News On – Get the live news updates  and podcasts from around 200 trusted news stations
  2. Hallmark Movies Now – You will never end up bored streaming the on-demand video service, family-friendly movies and documentaries
  3. Haystack TV – Get the latest news updates all over the world
  4. Kings Movie House – Always best to access the most entertaining movies
  5. Baby Boomer Cartoons – Top channel to watch the latest cartoons. Kids always love streaming the latest collections such as Bunny, Daffy duck, Superman, Betty boop and a lot more
  6. ABC News – The best channel owned by Australian broadcasting corporation to offer you 24/7 live updates
  7. I Tunes Podcasts – Visit the iTunes podcast library to listen to your favorite tunes

Channel types

  • The above-listed channels belong to two categories such as free and paid channels
  • For free channels, you can just select the channel and use Add channel tab
  • To get the paid channels you need to pay the respective subscription charges

program categories

Program categories

Top programs on private channels are of different categories and include Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Entertainment, kid’s specials, Lifestyle, Science and tech and a lot more.

Get the requirements to add the hidden gems

The below requirements are must to activate any hidden Roku channels and suggest you to collect it first before you start the activation guide

  1. Private channel access code or activation code
  2. Streaming device with top features and specifications (Models- Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Express plus, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku premiere plus and a few more )
  3. Roku account and good speed network connection- Can be either wired or wireless

Get the hidden Roku channel access code

Roku channel guide will have information about Roku private channels access code where you can start your search to find the exact code that matches your favorite channel

  • Device Setup Guide

    If the streaming device that you choose is brand new below are the setup instructions to be done

    • To start with, switch your device on and wait for Roku logo to appear on the screen
    • Now select the language, display and location
    • Choose the option, wireless and type wireless network credentials
    • Wait for software download to complete
    • Login to your Roku account with the credentials
    • Finally, link the device and you just need to click on the URL Roku.com/link and type the device linking code
    • The steps to set up your Roku streaming device is done
  • Channel Activation

      • To begin with, make your device selection
      • Now switch on your device and setup steps will be visible on your device display screen
      • Make the display and language selection
      • Use your Roku remote to click on streaming channels tab
      • Login to your Roku account with the credentials. Those users who do not have an account can create one visiting the page https://my.roku.com/ signup
      • To sign in go to the link https://my.roku.com / signinand enter the credentials(username and password )
      • Wait for some time and you will be navigated to channel app store
    • Let us now start your search to find hidden Roku channels
  • Add the Channel

    • From the channel search results, select the hidden Roku channel and click on add channel tab
    • Type the private channel access code whenever you receive a prompt
    • Wait for the channel update process to complete and in case if the added channel is not visible suggest you perform a quick system update
    • Update the payment information(Credit Card and PayPal are common payment methods)
    • Set your Roku account pin and this step will help to prevent unauthorized channel purchase
    • To set your pin, navigate to the pin preference tab and choose any of the options
    • Navigate to manage account settings tab if you would like to change any of the account settings

Guide to remove or deactivate Roku private channels

It is now possible to remove the private channels if not required. The process is simple. Use your remote and tap on the streaming channels tab

  • You can now move to the channel store
  • Make the channel selection and then tap on “ Remove channel tab”
  • Finally,  Roku private channels will be deleted automatically from your Roku account

 How to get rid of Roku private channel activation errors?

Do not panic if you get face Hidden Roku channel activation errors suggest you to execute the troubleshooting guide right away. It is always important to get rid of Roku hidden channel activation errors and there are few troubleshooting tips to be done

  1. Always check and ensure that you use valid private channel access code and you do not mismatch
  2. Note down the code and it varies for each channel
  3. Double check and verify your network connection speed
  4. Use a wireless network connection to get better network speed
  5. Besides, go for a quick device reset or restart and then check if the channel activation errors resolve
  6. Make use of the soft, hard or factory reset options available
  7. Similarly, double check and ensure that the Roku account that you use is valid
  8. If not visit the url https://my.roku.com/signup and provide the required data

roku channels

Other tips and tricks

  • Verify the private channel activation steps and ensure that do not miss any of the activation guidelines
  • Added private channel not visible

 In case if the added private channel is not visible, we recommend you perform a system update using the settings >system >system update

  • Delete the private channel using the “Remove channel option” and try activating the channel once again
  • Also, try streaming the channel from any other Roku streaming device and check the quality of streaming
  • Check and verify your device settings including the device software, network connection, display and a lot more
  • In the event that you face any issues or if you are unable to make the channel selection check if the remote that you use is working
  • If not replace your remote with a new one

Stay tuned to get the latest Roku private channel updates

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