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Start watching MSNBC after you complete the activate MSNBC on Roku. Are you wondering how to do this? Then you are on the correct page. This page will now help you to activate MSNBC on Roku to let you enjoy your vacation or the free time. Just read through about MSNBC and the ways to activate MSNBC Roku.


  • This American pay channel gives you the news and current affairs 24X7
  • MSNBC is owned by NBC universal newsgroup
  • Moreover, this channel will update you on any political affairs happening
  • The strategic partnership between Microsoft and NBC
  • Establishment of this channel was on the 15th of July 1996
  • The anchoring for the first show was by Jodi Applegate
  • This includes the news, interview, and commentary
  • Until 2010, MSNBC was not available for Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse cable customers in the New York State, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut portions that overlapped the service area of Cablevision
  • An exclusive distribution deal between MSNBC and Cablevision, which prevented rival wired networks from carrying MSNBC, was one of several reasons for this
  • There was no public knowledge of the terms of the agreement
  • In 2009, Verizon filed with the Federal Communications Commission a formal “program-access claim”
  • It was also asked that the contract be terminated
  • Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal claimed in favor of Verizon that the deal might be illegal
  • FiOS launched the channel in New York City and New Jersey on February 2, 2010, after signing a new contract

How To Activate MSNBC on Roku?

Follow the steps that we give you to complete the activation on your Roku device

activate MSNBC on Roku

How to Watch MSNBC on Roku

Step one

  • From the home screen of your Roku, navigate to the channel store
  • On the left menu, you can also prefer using the search channel option
  • Subsequently, enter the channel name and locate the channel
  • Use your Roku remote to type on your screen’s virtual keyboard
  • On the right, matching results will appear. You can watch live coverage of your local MSNBC in the NBC News app
  • You may not be able to find and connect the NBC News channel to your Roku account, depending on your location and cable subscription
  • If there is no NBC News channel available in your area or subscription, you can add a third-party channel, such as DirecTvPlex, USTVNow, or, and watch the MSNBC stream live here

Step two

  • You can find the official NBC channel at the top
  • The channel details will open by selecting the icon
  • In channel information, select the Add channel button
  • This will add your home feed to the NBC News network
  • You will be prompted to enter it here if you created a PIN during activation
  • Select OK in the pop-up confirmation
  • When the channel is successfully added, you will see a pop-up notification
  • The OK button is going to close the pop-up

Step three

  • Select Go to the details of the channel
  • After you add it to your home feed, you will see this option next to the channel icon
  • It will open the door for NBC News
  • Alternatively, from your home feed, you can always open the window
  • In the NBC News app, pick MSNBC
  • Use your Roku remote to pick the MSNBC channel in the NBC News channel list and press OK to start watching it live

Now your activate MSNBC on Roku is complete. If you face any issue with the channel, just read through the troubleshooting options that we give you.

MSNBC Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some of the issues and the solutions that you can follow

MSNBC Debate Won’t Stream

  • MSNBC is available via the NBC channel via cable provider authentication
  • Analyze What channel you watch from MSNBC
  • Try to remove the channel from the home screen of Roku by navigating to the channel window, pressing the* key on the remote
  • Then select the ‘ Uninstall channel’
  • From Settings > System > System reboot, restart your compute
  • When your player has started again, add the channel again

NBC Channel Won’t Load

  • Close the NBC app completely
  • Check your Internet connection-you may even attempt to run a speed test to ensure that your computer follows our recommendations
  • Other video applications on your phone can also be checked to check for low connectivity indications
  • Check for software and system updates
  • To check for updates to the NBC app, visit the app store for your device
  • Clear the data and the cache
  • You can clear your cache through the settings menu of your computer to reduce the chance of data or storage-related issues
  • Deinstall/reinstall the app from NBC
  • If the NBC app does not function on your computer as a last resort, you can delete/uninstall and reinstall the NBC app to help alleviate any loading or live streaming issues

For any further queries on the activate MSNBC on Roku, feel free to interact with our active customer care team @  +1-877-205-6510 or round the clock.

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