Terms & conditions


The terms & conditions elucidate the bond between website users and the site. User has the sole responsibility to understand all the established terms and conditions for our site, before getting our services. These conditions are framed by referring to the appropriate laws and regulations.

Our services

Our main aim is to assist the streaming device users and helping them by delivering valuable insights about the device setup, channel activation process and to get rid of unwanted error codes. By contacting our team, the user will get voice instructions regarding troubleshooting the device errors

Content rights

Our site holds all the rights for contents furnished on our site. The term content includes all the images, texts and videos found on our site. The entire content is framed only for the purpose of offering support services to the user end only. Duplicating, reproducing and content renting is strictly prohibited. In case of such issues are found, we will carry out the appropriate legal actions to rectify the issue. In need of services related to our content, you have to obtain permission from our site.

By getting into the contents itself, users can find a clear idea to carry out their solution steps and mending process. We always put our maximum efforts in delivering contents with high precision. But still, we can’t guarantee that all the contents and steps will give accurate outputs as expected. Our site holds all the rights in content alteration, without giving any notice to the user side.


To prevent data tampering and exploitation strict rules and regulations are followed on our site. In case of carrying out legal steps only, if required, the concerned user data will be handed over to the respective authorities. The above-said step is also taken only after giving information to the user end. To face further problems with the concerned person, subsequent legal actions will be enforced.

If you still have the curiosity to know about the terms & conditions on our site, just call our toll-free number.